Forget IDs, you may soon use biometrics to enter airports

American Tourister Polyester Black Travel Duffle    The government of India has begun work on ensuring a completely paperless aircraft boarding process under which a mobile phone is all that will be required to board domestic flights in India. The aviation ministry is linking the databases of airlines and airports with passenger IDs such as... Continue Reading →

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PanIndia connects her, and 55,000 others like her, to you.

Fabindia is India's largest private platform for products that are made from traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes. Founded in 1960 by John Bissell to market the diverse craft traditions of India, Fabindia started out as a company exporting home furnishings. The first Fabindia retail store was opened in Greater Kailash, New Delhi fifteen years... Continue Reading →

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Discover the Power of Micro Data Centers

Micro Data Center Xpress solutions from APC by Schneider Electric is a line of connected products, making it faster, easier and more cost effective to build and deploy micro data centers at the network edge. "In our digitally-connected world, businesses and consumers have a low threshold for interruptions to service. Edge computing solves real-time data transmission... Continue Reading →

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Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog!

ARE YOU ON THE LOOK OUT TO STOP PROCRASTINATING AND GET MORE DONE IN LESS TIME Here is a best-selling book in PDF, where you will learn the following: The "ABCDE" method — and why it’s the single most important strategy for time management. The 2 greatest enemies of personal productivity and lifelong success —... Continue Reading →

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