Rare footage of Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-founder on how true world builders think.

Steve Wozniak: Apple co-founder, tech investor, big-hearted advocate for the maker and engineering communities, former teacher, gadget enthusiast, lifelong prankster and aficionado of bad puns. Here is a rare footage of Steve Wozniak, interviewed at The Titan Summit in Zurich by Robin Sharma. P.S: Also if you intend to purchase a signed book (iWOZ), photos... Continue Reading →


Discover the Power of Micro Data Centers

Micro Data Center Xpress solutions from APC by Schneider Electric is a line of connected products, making it faster, easier and more cost effective to build and deploy micro data centers at the network edge. "In our digitally-connected world, businesses and consumers have a low threshold for interruptions to service. Edge computing solves real-time data transmission... Continue Reading →

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