About Us

“Don’t First Decide and Search, Do the Search First and then Decide”.

Explore Eclipse is a small group of full time bloggers driven by the passion to express thoughts, ideas, awareness and leads that are focused and done in the interest of our audience.

Trader Cross (Pen Name) is the captain at Explore Eclipse. After working for 10 years in a multi national Information Technology corporation in various roles and in different domains in IT operations, now he has become a full time blogger. Unlike the traditional way of blogging, he wants his blogging style to be audience focused. Really it’s anything the audience want it to be from history, Science & Technology, Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyle, he have committed to progress this website to update on an ongoing basis with the most latest information.

Backed by his multi-cultural, multi-ethnic work experiences, Trader cross likes to see things on a global perspective. He has a good length of 5 years of living and working experience in US soil for clients United Healthcare Group, US Bank, Hartford Insurance, and offsite for Pearson (United Kingdom) and Hartford Life Insurance Japan KK.

With all this said, the path forward for Explore Eclipse and the direction for Trader Cross is in building a network through blogs that helps create something useful for the audience.



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