The Magnificent Seven

nah…this is not about the movie “The Magnificent Seven”…

I came across a compassionate article and I wanted to share the essence of it here..


So, beyond our basic physiological and safety needs, what are the most important needs in our life?

1. Comfort – All of us want comfort.

2. Variety – The unexpected events that add adventure to our lives.

3. Significance – The feeling that our lives have value.

4. Love – We want to be cared about, loved, feel a part of someone’s life and have a meanigful connection with them.

5. Growth – To become better as aperson, improve skills, learn and excel.

6. Contribution – To make the world a better place and to add value to the world around us.

7. Belonging – Feel connected to a group of like minded individuals.

What are your thoughts on these seven human needs?


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