Writing Your First Book Is the First Big Step to Build Your Personal Brand

If you want to be a better leader, get paid more or grow your business, then you need to build your personal brand. Almost nothing builds a personal brand like writing a book. Consider this fictional dialogue that happens all too often in real life:

Event organizer: “We need to find a great speaker for our event.”

Intern: “I’ve got just the guy. He’s really great. I’ve already hired him.”

Event organizer: “You went and hired him without my permission?!”

Intern: “Well, he’s written a book.”

Event organizer: “Ah, all good then.”

A book is the new business card. When you have a book people don’t bother asking pesky questions, they don’t test you; it’s assumed you know what you’re talking about.

Five Essential Tips for anyone trying to write a book.

Credits – Entrepreneur, Forbes.

Here are some books on Language, Linguistic and writing.


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