Meet the people you actually need to meet with Shapr

With no startup experience, Hurax launched Attractive World a french dating site that grew up to produce one wedding a day. He was competing with industry giants, but scaled the business to be profitable and made it a well known premium dating site.

Hurax feels his the thing that made him succesful was his love for meeting new people and learning from them. And that’s what his new project is about – Shapr is a free app to meer the people you actually need to meet to help advance your career.

“I dedicate 30 percent of my time to meeting new people, “Huraux says . “I love learning from others and also know each conversation may be a game changer”. Shapr is a completely free app  intended to make networking easy. using the 10 interests you select such as #marketing or #entrepreneurship, your location, and your industry, Shapr curates a daily batch of 10 to 15 nearby professionals who your share your passions and goals. Already 600,00 users have signed up including high-level CEOs and senior professionals and also professionals.Every person benefits from meeting new people on Shapr.

Shapr is free for iOS and Android. Read more @Shapr

Courtesy: wersm, Entrepreneur


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